Managing The Sales Process

sales-managementYou have been selling for a few years now. You understand the process and have mastered basic sales skills. You have 5 sales presentations scheduled for tomorrow. Is it okay to wing it? Can’t you just shoot from the hip? Good sales management tells us NO!…

Sales professionals at all levels can and should always work to improve. To this end, here are some simple sales management techniques that will keep you at the top of your game.

1) Get the facts – when you set an appointment with a customer or potential client, immediately fill out any and all information about that customer. Use those “additional information” fields that many sales people ignore in your CRM system. You never know what little extra tidbit of information will help you get the edge you need.

2) Review – the night before your sales presentations, review the information. Fill in any extra details and give it another quick review before the appointment. This may seem like a lot of extra work. It’s not. A few extra minutes will pay off big.

3) Strategy – make sure your goal is clear. Write out your questions and value propositions that target your client’s specific pain points. Tie this into your close. Anticipate and be prepared for their specific objections.

This pre-planning is the core of good sales management and keeps you from falling into the “wing it” mentality. It’s important to remember that the buyer doesn’t have to purchase so we don’t want to get complacent. Getting positive action requires positive planning. As you develop these simple sales techniques, you’ll see your pitfalls and opportunities in each sales presentation. With a little training you’ll present with greater confidence and professionalism and ultimately raise your sales numbers.

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By PD (cool guest writer)

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