Sales – Grabbing The Low Hanging Fruit

Everyone likes an easy sale. Too often we’re trudging through the muck of the sales process. We may routinely fire off emails and make calls because our CRM system tells us too. We get some sales here and there but where is this mythical “low hanging fruit” folks keep talking about? Where are the easy sales?

The low hanging fruit is there – you just have to know where to look. How can you find your low hanging fruit? Every job is different but a great source of easy sales is referrals. Work with your existing and past customers to generate referrals. Drive sales directly to you. A thank you email, a hand written letter or a small gift may be ways of thanking your customers and asking for referrals.

Another easy way to find sales is an upsell. Look at what your customers purchased from you and figure out if you can sell them additional products or services. Many times one initial small sale can turn into a much larger sale – you just have to reach out and sell.

Sales is a refining process. It’s not a job where we can do the same thing day in and day out. We have to stretch, try new things, and take some risks.

I recall a time when I was selling cars. We were looking at ways of selling more cars and service. We took a chance and sent a letter to the human resource departments of a bunch of surrounding businesses. In the letter was a brief note explaining that we were a small, local business looking to help folks with automotive needs. We attached a one sheet bulletin board message describing how we could help people. It worked. We won new business and customers – right next door to us.

Capturing low hanging fruit doesn’t mean it falls into your lap. Sometimes you have to shake the tree. Look around. How can you do your job differently than everyone else around you?

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