How To Increase Sales With Conversation

We had the recent pleasure of witnessing conversational selling at its finest. Many sales professionals would have passed this particular prospect off as not fitting their audience, but not this sales guy. He started asking questions.

We’ve heard this before, ask questions and understand the buying motive and we’ll get everything we need to close the sale. But how many of us do this? Consistently? How many of us are too quick to label a prospect and therefore assume their buying intentions or lack thereof?

Conversational selling reaps huge rewards. Here are three factors that illustrate how to increase sales…

First, it’s more casual. Sales agent and prospect are in a more relaxed state.

Two, trust is built. We talk about the importance of trust all over SalesGrail. We won’t belabor it here, except to “again” say that “people like to buy from people they trust.”

A third, but certainly not final point, is that consumers like to buy from people they like. Conversations connect people on a human level. A prospect may like bike riding or traveling. These may have nothing to do with what you’re selling, but they provide a connection point to engage in natural conversation.

It’s this conversation that gives us more helpful information than actual training in sales. To clarify this even more, here’s how to increase sales with conversation:

Salesman: so you just got back from Spain? Wow, that’s exciting! Was it pleasure or business?

Prospect: both, actually. My business is my pleasure. I invest in small companies oversees to help them grow.

Salesman: that’s fantastic! It’s so important to love what you do! Plus, you get to travel!

Prospect: indeed, it’s wonderful, though I do miss my family

It’s important to be genuine with these types of conversations. Prospects can sniff out someone who is just prying for information to use against them.

Let’s look at what we gathered from the above.

  • Good conversations allows us to build a buyer/seller relationship.
  • This buyer is fairly wealthy – he travels, he invests
  • This buyer understands the importance of enjoying life – and builds it into his business
  • He has a family that he misses

This is powerful information that we can use to build “this buyer’s” profile, and close “this” sale. In the example we recently witnessed, the sales rep has since taken repeat orders from the buyer.

To increase sales, we have to be willing not just to work hard (that’s a given), but to stretch far outside our comfort zone. Let’s put the power of simple conversations to work for us and make us more sales.

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