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good-sales-tips-techniquesLast week we posted about how we often see professional sales people goofing around during “work” hours (Post: Telephone Sales Skills). While we all need to relax and have fun, there is a time and a place. Interestingly, when you try to discuss good sales tips and techniques with these types of sales folk, they all agree enthusiastically. Their intentions are good, but their sales presentations are weak. Here’s why.

In short, many sales people are not in the moment when they need to be. In other words, they’re “out of the game.” Here’s what usually happens. They’re chatting amongst themselves about last night at the bar, the football game, or some other event. Then they get a sales call. Before they realize what’s even happening, they miss a sale that a focused sales person would have closed, easily. If this sounds really obvious, it is! However, most sales people fail to recognize their own lack of focus. They see that they’re not selling like the “top guys,” but don’t think it has anything to do with their sales techniques, or lack thereof.

Here’s the meat. If you’re at work – WORK! When you are in in your “work zone,” (e.g., at your desk, on a call…etc) make sure there are no interruptions. Do things that keep you focused during sales presentations as well as prepared the moment a sales opportunity presents itself. Good sales techniques are not difficult. They’re common sense. One technique we use in our office is to ask each other “Are you in the zone?,” prior to asking a question or starting a conversation. This simple question allows us to respect each others “sales time.” If you’ve ever wondered why top sales producers “seem” aloof or distant, it’s likely that they’re focused on closing sales.

Structure your time and environment to stay in the sales zone. If you need a break, or want to goof off, that’s fine, go ahead. Just be sure that when your working, you actually are “working.” In other words, don’t lose focus when you’re selling or you’ll miss a sale because it required you to be at the top of your game, but you were not in the moment.

What do you think? Do you have any good sales techniques to share?

By DH/Theo

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