Good Sales Techniques – Saying No

good-sales-techniquesMost of us use good sales techniques. We work hard. We want to please our clients, and, of course, we want to close sales. However, we don’t like to say no. In fact, it’s a word we often go out of our way to avoid saying. Most sales training courses will steer you away from this word as well. While we can appreciate working hard to close deals, and finding reasons to say yes, a simple no can be a very effective technique to win the deal, on your terms.

We certainly don’t want to lead with “no,” but over the course of sales negotiations it can be very handy. It’s important to note that we must first decide our boundaries. In other words, in our own minds, we want to be clear where we are flexible and where we are not. Knowing this guides us when to play the “no” card.

For example, we may have done a great job identifying a prospects pain, and showing that our product fits their needs. However, the prospect may make an offer too low, or request excessive considerations. Instead of hemming and hawing, we can simple reiterate how our product will help them, but would not be able to work in that price range.

Being afraid a prospect will walk if we say no is a natural concern, but it’s not rational. If we do our jobs and use good sales techniques, it will be very difficult for our prospects to say no.

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By Theo

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