Bruce Lee Sales Techniques

Sales Training & TechniquesI stumbled across this Bruce Lee video, below. It shows him playing (and winning) at a game of ping pong. No big deal you say? Bruce is using nun-chucks. At first I thought that’s impossible – can’t be done – and it is indeed spliced together for a commercial – so it’s not real, but Bruce Lee’s dedication and discipline to his craft speaks to us sales people. What does this mean for us sales professionals?

I know sales guys that are so deep in a rut they see know way out – no way to improve. I know others who simply refuse any sales training stating that they already know what they’re doing – despite their obvious arrogance. If Bruce Lee has the discipline to radically change martial arts, what could these guys do with focused and intentional sales training? What could we do? Think about it for a minute.

There are the few who are are willing to learn – to do whatever it takes to improve. They get back up time and time again until they’ve honed their sales presentation so that it’s second nature. Sales techniques become their natural way and approach – it doesn’t come off as forced. Instead, they combine their passion for their product and their care for the customer’s needs and they sell – they’re the top 5%.

The best don’t become the best naturally. They were not born that way. They had to learn and practice, whether they realized it or not. I recall being in an extremely busy, high stress, and competitive sales environment. My success didn’t come naturally. I had to prepare scripts, practice them, I read books, and tried dozens of techniques – some worked, some didn’t. In the end, I crushed it – above and beyond even those senior to me.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the video…
~ Theo/DH

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