Breaking The Sales Barrier

What more could you ask for in life than to be given an impossible challenge? – Cory Booker (1969 – ) Mayor of Newark, NJ

In sales we face goals. Every day. Every month. Every year. It’s part of the job. It’s what makes us better and better. The goals push us to sharpen our techniques and to train ourselves how to sell. These goals, these challenges, however, too often become the place where even the best sales people fall. They think thoughts like this: “It can’t be done. I can’t do it.”

There are few words that wreak as much havoc as these. These thoughts will poison every moment of the sale. They will undermine every technique, no matter how good. They will come out and one form or another and poison our sales, costing us money.

We know this is true, but how do we overcome it? Take some risks! Start small. If we sold 100k last month, can we sell 105k this month? Can we spend 20 minutes a day practicing a new sales technique – one that is not in our comfort zone? Can we read an inspirational book from some of the great sales legends of our time? There are plenty.

I heard a story recently of a sales organization that was challenged with a sales gap that, from all angles, looked impossible. The numbers were too big, the time too short, the resources insufficient. What did they do? They focused on what they could do with what they had right then and there. They came up with new sales strategies on the fly. They created incentives that truly motivated sales people. They got everyone involved, and worked as a team. They hit the number that “everyone” on the outside (and even several on the inside) said could not be hit.

The “It can’t be done, I can’t do it” mind set crushes our chances for success before we even get out of the gate. Find the antidote for this poison and the sky is the limit.

What do you think? How should we break this all too common pattern of thinking?

~ Theo/DH

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