Are You A Buyer’s Assistant?

Sales TipsWe found a great sales video (below) from Andre Boykin – best we’ve seen in a while. It’s a straightforward discussion on what we as sales professionals actually do – or at least what we’re supposed to do. Sales tips and techniques, while helpful, cannot be used successfully if we don’t understand the core of selling. What’s that core? Andre puts it really well – “it’s an exchange of value.”

Sales is often seen as high pressure tactics to coax people into buying our products. Coax and pressure miss the mark. Our value as sales people, and we are valuable, is that we help buyers make buying decisions. We’ve all heard that people love to buy, but hate being sold. We also know that folks buy on emotion and justify with logic. As sales professionals we need to understand the needs, wants, and emotions of our prospects so we can assist in their buying decision.

Of course we assist prospects with their buying decisions with a captivating sales presentation of our products and services, and how they can meet the needs and wants of our prospects. This is fundamental to selling. Inherent in this is the “exchange of value” that Andre discusses. We are the buyer’s assistant. Check out the video below…

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Enjoy the video: Sales Motivation

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