What Will Drive Your Sales Success This Year

Over the holidays, I played a lot of cards with relatives. I lost a lot. I was tempted to blame my losses on the luck of others – they simply got better cards than me. There was nothing I could do, right? Wrong. They played their cards better.

One of my opponents (my brother) is very skilled at cards. I am not. He can count cards, identify “tells,” bluff, as well as use his skills he has developed over the years to maximize his chances at winning. He doesn’t win every hand. But he always beats me in the long run.

When it comes to sales, some of us may confuse luck with the sales skills and techniques of a true sales professional. In our frustration, we may call them lucky. They’re not. They’re skilled.

Here’s the rub – luck and skill are choices.

Are we going to do everything the same way this year as we did last year and hope we are lucky enough to get better leads? More leads? More buyers?

Or, are we going to evaluate our sales performance and figure out the areas where we could improve our sales skills?

The best sales people are always looking for ways to improve their techniques. Let’s take the new year as an opportunity to identify our weaknesses, make an actionable plan, and execute on it.

Success comes from sales training and execution. Make this year the one to get you to a new level of success. We hold the cards. Deal em!

~ By DH/Theo


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