Sales Skills – Overcoming “I’ll Think About It”

Sales skills are more about relationship skills than actual sales techniques. As the following video highlights, we often rely too much on sales tricks rather than deepening the relationship that would then allow us to get to the bottom of the all too common response to our sales presentation – “I’ll think about it.”

“I’ll think about it” is a stall. It’s not an objection. We need to figure out the reason for the stall, but we can’t do this “effectively” no matter how savvy our sales skills. Sales is about building relationships. Have you ever had a customer say to you “whatever you think is best.” What they’re saying is I trust you. They trust you becuase you’ve made a relational connection.

Now, the video tells us what not to do (don’t rely on sales skills, but build a relationship). And, it tells us what we’re doing wrong. However, what are some better relational approaches? What works for you to break down the barrier?

For me, I find when I incorporate simple stories rather than solely focusing on data points, I get a significantly better response. Stories create the emotion needed to make a buying decision. While this certainly isn’t the only approach, storytelling connects people – we can all relate to a good story. And stories can close deals.

What works for you?

Commentary by Theo


  1. Unfortunately building rapport is a two way street, and there are sales jobs, particularly when dealing with casual shoppers, where the customer wasn’t *planning* on looking at your product that day, and they’re going to try *not* to make a connection with you by deliberately being standoffish or sidestepping any questions you ask with a vague answer, or no answer at all. This would be great advice for sales that involve consultations or involved discussions, but when that customer gives you about 3 minutes, what they want are their questions answered and your attempts to ask questions or build rapport are going to annoy the customer and drive them away.

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