Sales Skills – Let’s Talk After the Holidays

Sales SkillsMany sales people dread the holiday season for these simple words: “let’s talk after the holidays.” What’s strange is that we all know it’s coming, yet some of us are unprepared. What can we do to sharpen our sales skills in preparation for the holidays to ensure we close the year strong?

As always, we want to be clear on our prospects pain points. A little homework before a sales call and a few pointed questions will provide us an arsenal of information to tailor our sales presentation. In other words, if we know our client’s current pain points, and we can alleviate them now, we can head off the “let’s chat in the new year,” before it even comes up.

Focusing on the immediate solutions for our clients, and the positive impact to their bottom line, shifts their mindset to the present, to immediate gratification. We want our prospects to see that if we can help them solve their problems now, they can hit the ground running in the new year.

I actually find the holiday season is one of the best times to sell. People are in the buying mood, and one can easily adapt any sales presentation to take advantage of people’s desire to start fresh. Be confident in how you sell and use the holidays to your advantage. To a happy holiday season and great end to your year!

What do you think? Is this a question of sales skills, or something else? What sales techniques do you use during the holidays?

By DH/Theo

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