Sales Skills – How The Pros Do It

Have you ever been blown away by a great sales presentation? The kind that incorporates great sales skills and techniques? I encountered such a sales person this past weekend who practiced some key selling aspects that we sales professionals sometimes forget.

I was at a typical convention among a crowd of folks selling their wares. What stuck out instantly was the attractive set up of this sales reps booth. It drew one in. It was laid out in such as way as to instantly let you know what was being sold (in this case, hand-made jewelry). It wasn’t cluttered with quantity, but rather there were approximately 12-15 pieces laid out so each could be appreciated by itself.

My two 5-year-old daughters spotted the booth first. Shortly after, they came running to me looking for cash. In fact, one of my girls was wearing the necklace she was already sold on. While it may be easy to sell jewelry to 5-year-olds, there were lots of other booths and options that my girls ignored. This sales person engaged my girls, helped them select their items, and allowed one to take ownership by wearing it while she sought me out.

As the dad, I was worried about the price, of course. There was a slight discount if one purchased two necklaces, but the display was so professional, the confidence in the sales person so impressive, and the quality of the products so high, I was sold. The sales person greeted me warmly. I was then shown the necklace my other daughter wanted to buy. The rep stated the price calmly and confidently, and reiterated the discount for buying two.

Altogether, we had buyer engagement, ownership (my daughter was sold the moment the necklace was clasped on), a professional sales presentation, high quality products, fair prices, and a sales person that stated her prices simply with no hesitation. Lots of us do this right? Maybe. The interesting part is that this sales professional was only 8-years-old. She practiced better sales skills than most career sales professionals. She even had her own hand-made business cards that would make ours look embarrassing.

To be sure, I checked with the girl’s mom – just to ensure it was “all her.” Her mom was quick to give her full credit, noting her dedication, commitment, and professionalism – these qualities will take any sales person far.

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