Sales Skills – Chill!

sales_skills_relax.jpgIt’s a tough economy – there’s no denying it. You will feel more stress and pressure while trying to hit your number than you’ve probably ever felt. It’s critical, however, to not let this stress poison us. We can’t get negative! How do we do this? What sales technique will help with this – Relaxation!

In short, we need to focus on what we can control – ourselves. We need to chill. Negative stress and pressure will corrode sales negotiations. If this sounds obvious – it is! But so many of us fall prey to negativity. There’s an edge to our voice when we’re talking on the phone. We have less patience and we push harder and harder to close the deal, rather than trust the process. You can’t force it! The harder you push (when you are not in control) the more sales you’ll lose.

This is not to say don’t work hard. Hell – you’ll need to work harder than ever in these tough times. But you need to train yourself to CHILL! It doesn’t matter how you do it – exercise, a five minute break, meditation – just do something to shift your negativity to a positive focus to the tasks and priorities at hand.

You can do this! You probably already have dozens of ways to relax. Work them into your sales techniques!

By Theo

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