Sales Skill Training – Engaging the Buyer

sales-skill-trainingHave you ever been in a sales environment where sales people stick to only basic sales skill training techniques? In other words, you hear them saying the same thing over and over again – like a script. This is the famous cookie cutter approach. It can be effective when upselling additional services and low dollar items, or when working with customer service. To a sales professional though, who has undergone advanced sales skill training, it can be painful and frustrating to hear, as well as leave a lot of money on the table.

Sales Skill Training
Many sales people have one approach, say to making or taking calls, for example. They say the same things over and over. They have scripted responses to objections, fail to see opportunities to sell, and fail to listen. The purpose of any sales call is to sell something to someone. The problem with the cookie cutter approach is it is hard to engage the buyer in a meaningful way. Even folks with great sales skills, and that understand how to prospect, qualify, build value, and close a sale, will lose sales with this approach. When a sales person asks a question or makes a statement out of turn, or without laying the proper foundation, it’s disrespectful and creates mistrust. A set speech does not encourage a conversation among two human beings. Learn to avoid this, and do the following…

Sales Tips and Techniques
There are many different ways to sell. There are hundreds and sales tips and techniques, books, videos – some better than others. What’s key, is the ability to listen and engage in a conversation. The best sales people have learned to get past a call being a “sales call.” This is where good sales training stands out. Sales professionals are able to make a connection with their prospect on a personal level. The prospect knows they are listening to their pain points, and in return, they’ll listen to the sales person. Put another way, if we want to sell, we need our prospects to listen. Engage them.

A good sales presentation requires us to engage at a human level. If we ask timely, relevant questions, listen to the customer, and provide value, we’ll sell more.

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By DH, Theo

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