Sales Presentation Training – Belief in Your Product

sales-presentation-trainingWhile good sales techniques and skills are important, sales presentation training starts with an unshakable belief in your product. No matter how good you are, if you’re not a believer in what you sell neither will your prospects. There’s no way around it and no way to hide it. Your true feelings will come out in your facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. This is why new sales people often do so well. They may be green, but they’re believers and their enthusiam shines through to the prospect.

Here’s a true story to illustrate this point from the car sales business…

A top producing sales veteran from Lexus switched over to Mercedes-Benz. I was speaking with him a few weeks after he started and asked him how things were going. He briefly frowned, slumped his shoulders and said, “I really prefer Lexus. There are too many problems with the new Mercedes technology – Lexus never had a fraction of the issues Benz has.”

I proceeded to ask him how he was going to continue to sell a product he obviously didn’t believe in. He pulled his shoulders back, and, much like a boy whistling in the dark, stated he can sell anything. He quit a month later.

You want to be behind your product so much so that it’s hard for you to think why anyone wouldn’t want it. If you believe in what you sell, so will your prospects.

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By Theo

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