Sales Professionals – Can You Walk the Talk?

sales-professionals-techniquesI recently had the displeasure of having a very popular sales icon’s image shattered before my very eyes. This was no amateur, but a veteran sales professional, widely published author, sought after speaker, and business consultant. I used many of his ideas and techniques, read his books and newsletters, and frequented his website regularly. I was disheartened and demotivated to see such a sales training pro preach how to sell, yet behave completely opposite during a sales presentation. Here’s what happened.

This sales guru happened to call our organization as a customer looking to buy our product. He was rude, demanding, and obnoxious. He belittled one of our sales consultants, and demanded that he dictate the sales process. It was as if he hated sales people and the process that has made him so famous, and wealthy! It left me feeling bewildered and betrayed for the loyalty I had given to this person in following their advice.

Upon reflection of the event, I realized how important it really is to practice what we preach. If we are going to honor the profession, as well as develop, train, and mentor the next generation of sales professionals, we have to lead by example both as a sales person and a consumer. The old adage that a doctor makes the worst patient cannot not apply to salespeople. A sales person’s best customer should be another sales professional.

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By DH/Theo


  1. Pete Albee says:

    Was it Zig Ziglar? I heard him speak three years ago and felt tricked; couldn’t believe he was the same person whose books I read…

  2. Hi Pete –

    Thanks for your comment. We’d prefer to protect the anonymity of the individual.


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