Sales Presentation Skills – Engaging Your Prospect

sales-techniques_1I often hear sales professionals rattle on about the benefits of their product. They’ll run down a list of what’s great hoping that their building value in the prospect”s mind. When we do this – and I’m including myself – we sound like a boy whistling in the dark trying to make himself feel better. We’ll say things like “Another great feature of the widget is the built-in blender. Or, our widget has recently been voted the best widget in its class.” While these may be great selling points, without engaging the prospect in the context of their pain and your solution/product, your sales presentation won’t work.

The best sales techniques are the ones that don’t sound like sales techniques. Good sales presentation skills incorporate sales techniques along with the features and benefits of the product in the context of the customer’s pain. How do we do this? We tell a story. Stories engage the prospect. Just as a good movie will suck you in, a sales presentation must have a plot with all the necessary characters and setting to draw the prospect in – to engage them.

Let’s say you’re selling a sleep widget. It’s a fantastic little product that helps people sleep more soundly. We could spend hours talking about the benefits of good sleep, right? You’ll have more energy, brain power, live longer…etc. However, we need to set the stage. Here’s an outline example, and this comes from Chris Atkinson’s book Beyond Bullet Points (highly recommended if you need to do PowerPoint presentations):

Setting: Millions of people suffer from sleep deprivation

Protagonist (make it personal to your prospect): School teachers especially can’t get enough sleep

The Imbalance: Most sleep aids are too costly and do little to really help

The Balance: There is an easy,  low cost solution that has immediate benefits for you

The Solution: A sleep widget from ABC Corporation

By using this type of story outline, you’ll engage your client. With an outline you can now insert basic sales techniques such as asking questions and make it flow more like a conversation.


Millions of people suffer from sleep deprivation right? IT managers especially are woken up at all hours for emergency outages. The problem is that most sleep aids are too much money or dangerous. Wouldn’t it be great to sleep like a baby? We can help…

Do you get the idea? Through normal conversation and asking a few simple questions, we can set the scene to sell your product more effectively.

Let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear what you have to say about Sales Presentation Skills.

By Theo

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