Sales Presentation Skills – Don’t Handicap Your Audience

sales-presentation-skillsSales presentation skills are often confused with polished sales techniques that highlight the features and benefits of a product. While a polished approach is nice, a simple approach is better. No matter how many features, benefits, statistics, and numbers you present to a client, few will actually stick. There’s an easier way.

Recently I was walking across a parking lot with my 4-year-old daughter. She caught sight of the large blue handicapped squares painted in some of the parking spaces. She asked what that design was in the middle (i.e., the outline of a wheelchair). (Bear with me. This has everything to do with great sales presentation skills). I began to tell her that it was meant for people with handicaps and then launched into what that meant. I soon realized my 4-year-old was not going to understand that some people have severe handicaps. So, how could I present this in such a way as to sell her on this idea…?

Rather than define abstract terminology, I put on my sales hat and asked a question – How would you get into the store if you only had one leg? She answered quickly – “I’d hop!” I grabbed her leg and held it up behind her back. Holding her hand, I said “Hop!” After about 25 feet she was getting tired so we stopped. I then asked if it would be easier to hop from one of the blue handicap squares that were so much closer to the door. She agreed that it would. The sales presentation was over and the message was delivered in a concrete way that she could easily grasp.

While we certainly want to get our prospects to understand the features and benefits of our products, traditional sales techniques rarely do this well. Instead, they handicap our prospects to the point that their eyes glaze over. Finding the core of our message and then imparting that to our prospects will drive sales.

Do you have any tips for us to sharpen our Sales Presentation Skills?

By Theo

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