Sales Negotiation Training – 3 Must Know Email Tips

sales_training_negotiation.jpgSales negotiation training must include proper email sales techniques. Email is a great closing tool when used correctly. It allows a sales representative to get his or her message across in a very effective way. You can take your time, make a professional introduction, build value, and talk about the benefits of your product. Most importantly you can ASK FOR IT.

I highlight the “ask for it” part, as too often many sales people end their sales pitch email with “Let me know” or “Get back to me at your earliest convenience.” These remarks do nothing to motivate a client to act. First of all, a potential client does not have to respond to your email at all. A big part of sales negotiation is to encourage your prospect to respond. The following tips will help with this.

Email Sales Tips (and please comment and share your sales techniques with us):

1) Ask for it! Close your email with – “Would you like to move forward?” or “Would you like to proceed?” rather than “Let me know…” You want the client to respond. Whether it’s yes or no, you want an answer!

2) Proper Salutation. In your first email, address the client with “Dear.” It shows respect – people like that. The salutation of “Dear” takes precedence in both British and American English. After the first introduction switch to Hi or Hello (using first names is generally OK)

3) Get their attention. Putting your client’s First and Last name in the subject line of the email increases the open rate, as well as helps to avoid your email getting lost in spam.

If you don’t know how to write well find someone who does and create some scripts that you can cut and paste. Make clear and effective writing part of your sales training regimen. You will close more sales – guaranteed.

By Theo


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