Sales Negotiation Skills – The Take Away

sales_negotiation1.jpgSales negotiation skills are learned over time – if practiced as part of a sales training regiment. The following sales tip is called the “Take Away,” and is extremely effective in weeding out tire kickers, lowballers, as well as providing you valuable information to close the sale. It will also keep more money in your pocket.  Here’s a scenario for context.

A sales person gets a call to buy widget A. However, widget A is too expensive for them and they’d like a discount. Rather than haggle, an experienced sales person suggests the economy option – widget B. The conversation goes something like this.

  • Potential Customer: I’m interested in purchasing widget A
  • Sales Person: Great – that’s available today for only $x
  • Potential Customer: WOW! – that’s a lot of money
  • Sales Person: (Defend price, provide value) Widget A is a premium widget for x,y and z
  • Potential Customer: Still – it’s expensive
  • Sales Person: (Now, the Take Away) It seems that widget A isn’t right for you. I have a nice widget B available for $x that might work
  • Potential Customer: But I wanted widget A
  • Sales Person: Based on your price range, it doesn’t sound like widget A is right for you
  • Potential Customer: Well…I suppose I could spend a little more
  • Salesperson: (You can smile at this point) You’ve just made a sale!

Of course tact and timing is always essentially, but just try it – it works! Make this part of your sales training. A final sales tip – don’t use this (or any of our tips ) dishonestly, such as stating that widget A may not be available much longer (unless of course it’s true and you’re offering advice). Dishonest sales tricks are for amateurs.

By Theo

(Note – I saw a friend of mine use this sales technique last week- Amazing!)


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