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sales_leadership.jpgWhile it’s easy to expound on the best sales techniques and negotiation tactics not everyone has the same support system. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the very best in sales – professionals who are masters in the game and are willing to pass on their hard-earned experience to me. If you don’t have this – find it! Get a sales mentor! You need someone to bounce ideas off, to keep you sharp, and to inspire you. When you have this type of sales leadership behind you, you are unstoppable!…

Here’s an example to quantify the importance of sales leadership. I was struggling with a five-figure deal. I was getting nervous, as it was a lot of money for my industry and I wanted very much to close the deal. I turned to my support system and started asking questions. While I was feeling better, I wasn’t quite ready to pick up the phone and close the deal. I poked my head into my sales director’s office and asked him what to do. I don’t remember exactly what he said although I know I repeated it verbatim to my prospect. What I do remember is the confidence and conviction in which he instilled in me! In a two minute conversation with my sales mentor/leader, I had everything I needed to close the deal. Those two minutes added four-figures to my paycheck that week.

How can you find this type of support? First, stick around here and we’ll help. Second, reach out to your colleagues and ask for their ideas. Ask your sales manager for advice and develop a relationship with him or her – believe me they want you to succeed! Challenge yourself! Sharpen yourself against those who are better than you – that’s how you’ll get better. Shut the TV off and read a sales negotiation book. You will need to work. I don’t know any mentor that will help you unless you put in the effort.

By Theo

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