How Are You?

When you call a sales prospect, and say, "Hi this is so-and-so [and then quickly add], how are you?," how do you think it comes across? Nice? Polite? Caring? Actually, none of the above. In fact, if anything, you sound like Joey from Friends, "How you doin!" Really - it's creepy. Here's why - the prospect doesn't know you well enough yet. While Continue Reading

The Next One Is A Sale

I went to my usual store to by a specific product. However, all the sales reps were busy. A bit surprised by this as I had gotten there early, I inquired on the wait time. When customer service said they didn't know, I walked out. I was a buyer. I was coming in to spend money. It was a done deal, but no one answered my call. I went to a Continue Reading

4 Negotiation Techniques To Close More Sales

Negotiating with a prospect can be challenging. It takes time to learn the subtle nuances. In a recent training call with a new sales professional, it was clear that he was very good at selling, but had limited experience with the art of sales negotiation. They're not the same thing. This young sales representative knew many of the better sales Continue Reading

The Moment of the Sale

I was in my local bank. I was being helped by the manager for a standard transaction. However, another teller had a question. She leaned over and whispered to the manager. To my surprise, the manager stopped helping me to help her.  The manager didn’t say, “Excuse me, I need to help this teller for a moment,” or even acknowledge that she was being Continue Reading

How Is Selling Different Today?

In this age of instant information at your fingertips, the job of a salesperson has changed. For the longest time a sales professional had to both educate and sell customers on their product or service. Today, most buyers are educating themselves before engaging with a salesperson. How has this changed the job of a salesperson? How does this Continue Reading

Who Are You Selling?

We've all heard the sales tip that, "The customer buys you." That is, you're the face, the representative of your company. Trust begins with you. You are the front line. You are the difference between your competitors. The key lesson here is "you." Yet, as sales people, we're very quick to highlight the features and benefits of our company rather Continue Reading

Holiday Selling Tips

Everyone loves to buy during the holidays.  Once folks start spending, they keep going. It's a psychological "what the heck" phenomenon. So why not adjust your sales techniques to maximize your sales this holiday season. Here are a few simple sales strategies to always keep in mind - but especially during the holidays: Be Organized: holidays Continue Reading

Customer Service Killed Your Sale

There is a gaping hole is most sales departments. It’s the disconnect between sales and customer service. Sales people are seen as the super stars, the money makers (rightfully so). Customer service representatives are seen as the folks who are there to deal with the headaches and trivial administrative stuff (wrongfully so). The problem with this Continue Reading

Your Sales Emails Suck!

We received an email from an enthusiastic, hard-driving sales professional. Except the email was far from professional. It was awful! See below. We've placed comments [in brackets] to highlight some flaws, as well as provide some tips to better communicate to your prospects. Please note we've used sarcasm, liberally, to drive some points home. Continue Reading

Join Us On Facebook

Hey folks - join us on Facebook for even more sales tips, techniques, and discussion. As many of you know, started with two sales guys helping each other out 6 years ago. It has since grown into a vibrant community as well as an award-winning website. In short, like you, we're busy selling. So we created the FB page to make it a Continue Reading