Stop Selling Backwards

Sales Tips

We stumbled across a great TED Talk from Simon Sinek. He highlights the success of great leaders and companies in a radically simple way. Although not a sales training video, it's packed with Continue Reading

Increase Your Sales With Your Posture

Sales Techniques

I stumbled across a great TED talk by social scientist, Amy Cuddy. She talks about the role of posture (non-verbal communication) and how it's a great predictor for a variety of things - elections, Continue Reading

Don’t Swallow The Price Bait

Sales Techniques

I was at a top-rated car dealership looking to buy a  new car. I knew a lot about the dealership, having spent time in the car industry, and I'm fairly well-versed in the particular sales techniques Continue Reading

5 Tips To Crush This Next Sales Year!

Sales Tips

It's that time of year when all the sales bloggers start telling us how we can make the next year so much better. We'll hear about sales training exercises, as well as sales tips, and techniques that Continue Reading

Just Following Up

Sales Tips

As a salesperson, have you listened to yourself lately? Do you know how you sound on the telephone and to your customers? As sales people, we tend to fall into patterns of language that may make sense Continue Reading

Bruce Lee Sales Techniques

Sales Training & Techniques

I stumbled across this Bruce Lee video, below. It shows him playing (and winning) at a game of ping pong. No big deal you say? Bruce is using nun-chucks. At first I thought that's impossible - can't Continue Reading

Zig Ziglar Passes

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar passed away today - November 28, 2012. Age 86. A quick memory of Zig. When I was struggling in sales I was listening to a CD series from him (I forget which), but I listened to it over and Continue Reading

You Can’t Fall To The Top

Sales Training

As sales professionals we need to be the ones to recharge our spirits. We need to take charge of ourselves and keep ourselves motivated. But how? Some days are such a grind it's hard to even think Continue Reading

3 Sales Tips For Getting Out Of A Slump

Sales Training

If you are having a bad day, bad week, bad month - how do you ask for help to improve your sales performance?. Do you go to your sales manager? Do you go to the top salesperson? There are three things Continue Reading

Pressure Selling That Works

Have you ever thought, or said, "I don't want to pressure them. I don't want to come off as one of those sales guys." We all have - it's a very common fear. The fear, however, comes from a lack of Continue Reading