Sales Negotiation Skills – The Take Away

Sales negotiation skills are learned over time - if practiced as part of a sales training regiment. The following sales tip is called the "Take Away," and is extremely effective in weeding out tire Continue Reading

Sales Tips – Discount is Not A Dirty Word

Here's a sales tip that will help you respond better to the all-too-familiar question - can I get a discount? The natural response may be to inquire as to the buyer's price expectations (e.g., what Continue Reading

Sales Techniques – You Must Start Here!

While we can list hundreds of sales techniques, unless you have the willingness and drive to learn and challenge yourself - they won't mean much. In short, it's up to you! The brief video below has Continue Reading

Sales Training 101

So you are ¾ of the way through the month and not even at 50% of your sales quota. What do you do? Let's start with what you don't do. It's the most basic principal of sales training which so many Continue Reading

Sales Leadership – Make More Money

While it's easy to expound on the best sales techniques and negotiation tactics not everyone has the same support system. I've been fortunate enough to work with the very best in sales - professionals Continue Reading

Great Telephone Sales Skills

Have you ever heard a true professional on the telephone closing a sale. It's like poetry. There's no anxiety - just a smooth flow as he steers the sales process. How do we obtain such sales skills? Continue Reading

Sales Skills – Chill!

It's a tough economy - there's no denying it. You will feel more stress and pressure while trying to hit your number than you've probably ever felt. It's critical, however, to not let this stress Continue Reading

Sales Techniques – Follow Up!

You worked so hard to get through to your prospect. You had them on the phone and just had a great conversation. Unfortunately, you didn’t close the sale. Your prospect said: "I have to talk to the Continue Reading

Sales Tips – Shut Up!

Sales Tips

After you ask for the sale - SHUT UP! Don't say anything! For the love of God wait for the prospect to respond! This sales tip sounds easy enough, but so many of us fail. Yet, it's so simple and such Continue Reading