Customer Service And “Your” Sales Reputation

So I bought my son a digital video recorder for Christmas. He was ecstatic – loved it! However, upon playback of the video, there was no sound. He was upset- really upset! We dug through the manuals. Tried all sorts of reset procedures. I checked online, read forums – nothing. Time to call India.

It’s great to get someone on the phone and the folks in India do mean well, but after three calls I was no closer to an answer. In fact, they ultimately asked me to ship it back to them, at my expense, and once they confirmed it didn’t work they would ship out a new one. After an hour on the phone I was upset – really upset!

I called the Internet company where I bought the digital recorder. I didn’t think I would get anywhere. I was wrong. A nice guy picked up the phone. He apologized for the inconvenience and politely asked if I would mind leaving the unit and any remaining packaging in a box on my front doorstep. They would send FedEx to pick it up at no cost. They offered to refund me in full or send me a new recorder. This took about 5 minutes.

Here’s what I know – I will buy anything from that Internet company. I will recommend it to my friends. I will always remember the respect and dignity in the way in which I was treated and valued.

It’s this type of customer service that needs to under-gird our sales efforts. Good customer service adds value! Bad customer service can tarnish our sales reputation.

What do you think?

~ Theo

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