Your Sales Emails Suck!

We received an email from an enthusiastic, hard-driving sales professional. Except the email was far from professional. It was awful! See below. We've placed comments [in brackets] to highlight some flaws, as well as provide some tips to better communicate to your prospects. Please note we've used sarcasm, liberally, to drive some points home. Continue Reading

Can’t Close?

A veteran sales professional started a new sales job. He was making a lot of calls, setting up a lot of appointments, doing a lot of sales presentations, but not closing any sales. He was a tad frustrated, and not used to such a low close rate. We talked. I realized he was suffering from a very common issue when starting in a new sales environment. Continue Reading

Sell More Without Working Harder

How many times have you seen someone in your office or on your sales team who is going about things the wrong way? I’m sure you see it all the time, it's part of working with a diverse group of people. It’s harder when you see someone you know who is smart, intelligent, and skilled acting like an amateur – in some cases a novice. It drives me Continue Reading

Increase Your Sales With Your Posture

I stumbled across a great TED talk by social scientist, Amy Cuddy. She talks about the role of posture (non-verbal communication) and how it's a great predictor for a variety of things - elections, success in a job interview...etc. It's also a predictor of who can sell and who can't based on the confidence one's posture exudes. In sales, we're Continue Reading

Zig Ziglar Passes

Zig Ziglar passed away today - November 28, 2012. Age 86. A quick memory of Zig. When I was struggling in sales I was listening to a CD series from him (I forget which), but I listened to it over and over for months. His confidence, his enthusiasm, his professionalism was infectious. I knew he was calling me to be better - to believe in myself. Continue Reading

You Can’t Fall To The Top

As sales professionals we need to be the ones to recharge our spirits. We need to take charge of ourselves and keep ourselves motivated. But how? Some days are such a grind it's hard to even think positively let alone get fired up. Below are a few thoughts to help with this. One thing I've learned over the years is that, while team work is Continue Reading

The One Line That Closes The Sale

Have you ever been negotiating a sale only to have it completely stall? You simply don't know what to say next? It's happens to all of us. As long as the prospect is still listening though, we do have to move the sales process forward - but what should we say? There's an old saying that sales professionals sell with ease in difficult moments Continue Reading

Will This Year Be Any Different?

As we wind down another year and begin to reflect on this year's sales performance, what will we see? Did we hit our quota? Did we hit the goals we said we were going to hit? Did we even write these goals down? How will we improve for next year? I had a friend tell me recently that writing down goals is the single most important thing he does to Continue Reading

10 Sales Tips To Move The Numbers

Hey there - we put together these quick and dirty sales tips that make a difference in your monthly numbers. Take a look and let us know your thoughts... Know your product and service. Know your CRM and all your tools - be the expert in your field. Plan your month, plan your day, plan each call. Create urgency, and respond to every lead Continue Reading

Selling More By Doing Nothing

Of all the sales tips and techniques, one of my favorites is to do nothing. Let me explain. As sales professionals, we push ourselves to succeed. Sales training is important to us, we read, and we're always on the lookout to improve our edge. This is good, to a point. There comes a time when no amount of information will move us from point A to Continue Reading