How Is Selling Different Today?

In this age of instant information at your fingertips, the job of a salesperson has changed. For the longest time a sales professional had to both educate and sell customers on their product or service. Today, most buyers are educating themselves before engaging with a salesperson. How has this changed the job of a salesperson? How does this Continue Reading

What Super Bowl Commercials Teach Us About Selling

Looking to get your input on this Cheerios Super Bowl commercial. What did Gracie do? What did she sense in her dad that she optimized to her benefit? Do you think this is fair play in sales and negotiations? No right or wrong answers - just curious as to your thoughts. Enjoy - looking forward to your feedback. ~ Theo/DH 2014 Cheerios Ad - Continue Reading

Breaking Down Sales Barriers

As sales professionals we want to engage our customers and understand their needs. Prospects have natural defenses when they enter a “selling situation.” Our job is to acknowledge their apprehension, and to show them we are sincere in our desire to help them. One way to accomplish this is to ask questions. My 4-year-old walked in the room the Continue Reading

Are You A Buyer’s Assistant?

We found a great sales video (below) from Andre Boykin - best we've seen in a while. It's a straightforward discussion on what we as sales professionals actually do - or at least what we're supposed to do. Sales tips and techniques, while helpful, cannot be used successfully if we don't understand the core of selling. What's that core? Andre puts Continue Reading

Your Sales Are Falling – Why?

You and your boss have had “the talk.” You are a valuable member of the team. You have been selling for your company for 5 years but your numbers have fallen. Not only are you not performing compared to past levels, but you’re hovering near the bottom of the sales team. What do you do? Do you find a new job? Is it time to re-invent yourself? The Continue Reading

Stop Selling Backwards

We stumbled across a great TED Talk from Simon Sinek. He highlights the success of great leaders and companies in a radically simple way. Although not a sales training video, it's packed with incredible sales tips and techniques that can catapult our sales. In short, the parallels for us sales pros were clear (see short video below). You see, we're Continue Reading

Don’t Swallow The Price Bait

I was at a top-rated car dealership looking to buy a  new car. I knew a lot about the dealership, having spent time in the car industry, and I'm fairly well-versed in the particular sales techniques used in this market. Looking to cut to the chase and save some time, as well as wanting to get the best deal, I pushed the sales guy right into a Continue Reading

Bruce Lee Sales Techniques

I stumbled across this Bruce Lee video, below. It shows him playing (and winning) at a game of ping pong. No big deal you say? Bruce is using nun-chucks. At first I thought that's impossible - can't be done - and it is indeed spliced together for a commercial - so it's not real, but Bruce Lee's dedication and discipline to his craft speaks to us Continue Reading

Pressure Selling That Works

Have you ever thought, or said, "I don't want to pressure them. I don't want to come off as one of those sales guys." We all have - it's a very common fear. The fear, however, comes from a lack of belief (a lack of faith, if you will). Pressure is not pressure if it's the truth. Pressuring someone to quit smoking because of its adverse health Continue Reading

What’s Your Favorite Sales Technique?

There are many sales techniques defined numerous ways. But what are the top techniques? What are the sales tips that when practiced work over and over again? We’ll get the most obvious one out of the way – “Asking For It.” If you don’t ask for it, sales will suffer, severely. DH and I continually discuss sales techniques, but we each have our Continue Reading