Sales Presentation Techniques – Can You Tell A Story?

Of all the sales techniques we put into practice, few work as well as a powerful story. We can all quote statistics and tie them to a prospects needs. We can find their pain points and hammer away at how our products and services meets their needs. We can support our sales presentations with enthusiasm, professionalism, and a slick slide show. Continue Reading

Sales Professionals – Can You Walk the Talk?

I recently had the displeasure of having a very popular sales icon’s image shattered before my very eyes. This was no amateur, but a veteran sales professional, widely published author, sought after speaker, and business consultant. I used many of his ideas and techniques, read his books and newsletters, and frequented his website regularly. I was Continue Reading

Sales Presentation Skills – Don’t Handicap Your Audience

Sales presentation skills are often confused with polished sales techniques that highlight the features and benefits of a product. While a polished approach is nice, a simple approach is better. No matter how many features, benefits, statistics, and numbers you present to a client, few will actually stick. There's an easier way. Recently I was Continue Reading

Sales Presentation Skills – Engaging Your Prospect

I often hear sales professionals rattle on about the benefits of their product. They'll run down a list of what's great hoping that their building value in the prospect"s mind. When we do this - and I'm including myself - we sound like a boy whistling in the dark trying to make himself feel better. We'll say things like "Another great feature of Continue Reading