4 Negotiation Techniques To Close More Sales

Negotiating with a prospect can be challenging. It takes time to learn the subtle nuances. In a recent training call with a new sales professional, it was clear that he was very good at selling, but had limited experience with the art of sales negotiation. They're not the same thing. This young sales representative knew many of the better sales Continue Reading

Sales Negotiation Skills – Have You Tried This?

You can learn and develop great sales negotiation skills. With a little sales training you can use specific sales skills to overcome objections more easily and create the trust that is so desperately needed during negotiations. How does one do this? One extremely effective sales technique - Empathy!... Empathy is not to be confused with Continue Reading

Sales Negotiation Skills – Tips to NOT Lose Money

Sales negotiation skills must be practiced every step of the way during the sales process. How many times have you opened by asking a potential client a question only to realize that it didn’t come out right?  Or worse – you ask a “lazy” question such as "Did you get the price quote?"  Customer – "Yes, it's very expensive." You think you're being Continue Reading

Sales Negotiation Training – 3 Must Know Email Tips

Sales negotiation training must include proper email sales techniques. Email is a great closing tool when used correctly. It allows a sales representative to get his or her message across in a very effective way. You can take your time, make a professional introduction, build value, and talk about the benefits of your product. Most importantly you Continue Reading

Sales Negotiation Skills – The Take Away

Sales negotiation skills are learned over time - if practiced as part of a sales training regiment. The following sales tip is called the "Take Away," and is extremely effective in weeding out tire kickers, lowballers, as well as providing you valuable information to close the sale. It will also keep more money in your pocket.  Here's a scenario Continue Reading